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Many women seek breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, because they feel self-conscious. Although breast augmentation can boost self confidence, it cannot perfect your body or change the way people treat you. Physically healthy women with realistic goals are the ideal candidates for this surgery.

What Happens During The Procedure?

The breast augmentation procedure can take one to three hours depending on the technique performed:about

Incisions may be placed inframammary (at the base of the breast), peri areolar (around the nipple), transaxillary (under the arm pit), TUBA (above the belly button). Placement will depend on your desired look. Whether or not you have had previous breast surgeries, and the amount of breast tissue you have.

There are many technical factors to consider when planning your breast augmentation including: size, shape, incision placement, implant type and location. Your surgeon will review what is best for you. Other issues to discuss may include pregnancy, breast feeding, mammograms, and breast cancer.

Pocket Location
Implants can be placed subglandular (in front of the pectoral muscle) or submuscular (in back of the pectoral muscle).

Preparing For Surgery

Your initial consultation is extremely important. Every surgeon, as well as every patient, has a different idea of what the best size and shape for your breast are, so it is important to discuss your expectations. Be prepared to provide your medical history and inform your surgeon of any vitamins and medications (including over-the-counter) that you are taking. Make sure to tell your surgeon if you smoke, have uncontrolled high blood pressure, allergies, blood clotting problems, or the tendency to form excessive scars because these problems can affect the outcome of your surgery.