Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) in Atlanta, GA

Flabby upper arms can really make you look aged. Fortunately, this condition is easy to correct with a brachioplasty or an arm lift. For Georgia residents in Atlanta, Alpharetta, and neighboring areas, Dr. Brandon Mang, board-certified plastic surgeon, provides brachioplasty surgery at Mang Plastic Surgery in Duluth. Contact our office today to learn more!

What is Brachioplasty?

There are several ways in which aging affects the condition of human skin: over time, the skin becomes thinner and laxer. It loses its volume and elasticity, and begins to sag, detaching from the underlying bone structure. When the skin of the upper arms displays these characteristics, it can severely detract from an otherwise youthful appearance. A brachioplasty, or arm lift procedure, surgically tightens flaccid muscles and loose skin in the upper arms, creating more tone and muscle definition.

Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) in Atlanta, GA

Why Consider An Arm Lift Procedure?

As we age, many of us develop “wings” or drooping flesh and skin that accumulate under the upper arms. An arm lift procedure tightens the muscle and skin in this area, producing a toned and streamlined contour with greater muscle definition that can take years off your physical appearance. Your arms will look leaner, smoother, and younger, so you can go back to wearing sleeveless garments and enjoy a more flattering look under short sleeves.

Who Would Make An Ideal Candidate For An Arm Lift?

An arm lift is a safe and simple procedure that is safe to perform on almost any healthy adult who wants to rejuvenate the upper arm area by tightening the flaccid muscle and skin tissue. While the procedure can help your arms look leaner and more trim, an arm lift is not a weight loss procedure, and is most suitable for adult men and women who are not grossly overweight and maintain a stable weight within 20 pounds of their ideal target weight. If you are still in the process of losing weight, we recommend you postpone this procedure until you are within 20 pounds of your target weight, since any additional weight loss in the future could alter the results of your procedure.

What Happens During a Brachioplasty Procedure?

Brachioplasty is a surgical procedure normally performed in about two hours, with either local or general anesthesia. Discreet incisions are made running from the armpit down the inside of the upper arm, so scars will not be visible when you stand with your arms hanging at your sides. Excess fat is carefully extracted, loose skin is trimmed away, and the remaining skin tissue is draped and tightened, then sutured.

What Can I Expect After the Arm Lift?

Recovery after an arm lift procedure typically takes about one to two weeks, and we recommend that you wear a compression sleeve during this period. While you may return to work after about a week, and resume gentle daily activities within two weeks, avoid strenuous workouts and contact sports for a period of about four weeks.

After the surgery, some moderate discomfort may be experienced. Pain medication prescribed by Dr. Mang in combination with topically applied arnica can help minimize the discomfort. However, if discomfort persists, you should contact your surgeon immediately.

Brachioplasty is performed using a hairline incision along the inside of the upper arm, and will leave a very faint scar that is easily camouflaged while your arms are resting normally at your sides. Over time, these tiny scars will fade away naturally, becoming practically invisible.

For men and women who maintain a healthy, stable weight and exercise regularly, the results of an arm lift procedure are often permanent.

Tired of those flabby wings under your upper arms? Banish them with a brachioplasty procedure at Mang Plastic Surgery in Duluth, GA. Led by Dr. Brandon Mang, a reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon, our office provides advanced treatments such as arm lift procedures for residents of Atlanta, Alpharetta, and adjacent communities in Georgia. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation!