Dysport® in Atlanta, GA

Dysport® in Atlanta, GAImprove your appearance using dermal filler injectables such as Dysport®. Mang Plastic Surgery offers MedSpa procedures to the residents of Atlanta, Alpharetta, and the neighboring communities who wish to reverse signs of aging and other blemishes in the skin. Contact our office to schedule a consultation today.

What is Dysport®?

Similar to Botox® (LINK), Dysport® is a muscle relaxant dermal injection that uses a diluted form of botulinum toxin to help loosen facial muscles that cause deep, unwanted wrinkles and creases in the skin. It can also be used to treat overactive sweat glands as well as masseter muscle hypertrophy (MMH), which causes a stiff, square jaw in women. Dysport® is FDA approved and offers patients a safe and effective alternative to more invasive cosmetic procedures with virtually no downtime required.

Is Dysport® Right For Me?

Dysport® is available for healthy adults who are over the age of 21 and have sensible expectations for the results of dermal injections. If you wish to treat moderate to severe fine lines and wrinkles in the face, Dysport® may be ideal for you.

Benefits of Dysport®

The effects of aging are often unavoidable, but thanks to powerful cosmetic treatments such as Dysport® they can be intermittently delayed. It is often considered as an option for patients who cannot undergo surgery or wish to avoid invasive procedures. The procedure has been proven effective in the reducing the appearance of wrinkles, creases, fine line, and sagging skin. By temporarily freezing the muscles that cause these wrinkles, it allows the skin the ability to smoothen out, producing a more youthful, relaxed appearance.

How Involved is the Dysport® Procedure?

The Dysport® injection process is performed in our office and is typically done within 30 minutes. No anesthesia is necessary, though a topical numbing agent may be applied to help prevent any discomfort. A fine needle is used to deliver the Dysport® solution directly under the skin to the area being treated. Once administered, the refined botulinum toxin solution blocks signals being sent from the nerves to the muscle, which allows the treated muscles to loosen and the wrinkles to flatten out. Most patients require three to eight injections depending on the desired results and targeted area. Once these injections have been successfully delivered, patients are free to return to their daily activities, including work or school.

Preparing for Dysport® Injections

Before you schedule your Dysport® appointment, Dr. Mang will schedule a consultation to assess your medical history and any relevant conditions, in addition to your beauty goals. You will be asked to disclose if you have received dermal injections in the past four months, as well as any medications you may be currently taking, including any allergy medications, pain relievers, blood thinners, sleep aids, NSAIDS, or muscle relaxers. You will likely have to refrain taking certain medications in preparation for your Dysport® treatment.

What to Expect Following Dysport® Treatments

There is no recovery period following Dysport®, so patients will be free to return to their everyday commitments immediately.

Any swelling or bruising associated with Dysport® injections will likely subside after a few days and can be alleviated with arnica, a natural herb.

The results of your treatment should become visible within the first week and remain visible for up to six months following your procedure. Follow-up appointments can be made to maintain your appearance.

If you live in Atlanta, Alpharetta, or one of the cities nearby, and are looking to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles in the face, Dysport® dermal injections may be ideal for you. Contact Mang Plastic Surgery to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our licensed technicians today.