Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation may be performed on most adult males and females to help create fuller lips. Augmentations can also help reduce wrinkles around the mouth when present.

What Happens During The Lip Augmentation Procedure?

There are two common methods: injections and implants.

Injection Method

Lip injections in St. Petersburg are placed in predetermined locations to plump and enhance the appearance of the lips. This method takes approximately thirty minutes. Some injectable lip augmentationshutterstock_115693471 products are: Collagen, Isolagen, Hylaform, Hydroxyappetite, and fat. Results using these products are temporary and may last from three months to three years. Examples of permanent and irreversible injectable lip augmentation products are Artecoll™ and Dermacellagen ™. The latter products are currently in the FDA approval process. It is generally safer to under-inject than to over-inject no matter which product is used, therefore there is a possibility that you be coming in again to “finish up” your desired look. Because of this, patients may need to schedule touch-up appointments for optimal results.

Implant Method

Incisions can be made inside the mouth or on the outside edges of the lip. You can expect this method to take approximately one hour or so. The implant will be fed through the lip. Once inserted, it will be trimmed and the incisions will be closed. Your surgeon may recommend the addition of Alloderm, a regenerative tissue matrix, to bulk up and increase the fullness of your lips. This material is long-lasting and will gradually be replaced by your body’s own collagen. Gore-Tex™ and Advanta are the only improved synthetic, permanent implants lip implants.

Preparing For Lip Augmentation Treatment

Your initial consultation is extremely important. Be prepared to provide your complete medical history and inform your surgeon of any vitamins or medications (including over-the-counter) that you are taking. Your surgeon will discuss your options and whether injections or implants are best for you. You will also discuss where incisions or injections will be placed and your recovery process. You will be able to speak freely with your surgeon about your goals and desired outcome.

Review With Dr. Mang

  • Do Not Take Aspirin or Products Containing Ibuprofen for two weeks before or after your procedure. These medications thin the blood, interfere with normal blood clotting, and increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. Instead, use medications containing acetaminophen, such as Tylenol.
  • Discontinue smoking for two weeks before and after surgery. Smoking constricts small blood vessels and inhibits the healing process.
  • Avoid alcohol for two weeks before and after surgery.
  • Decreasing salt intake will help diminish swelling after surgery.
  • Stop taking all vitamins and herbs two weeks prior to surgery.
  • Fill your prescriptions before your surgery date, especially pain and antibiotic medications your doctor has prescribed for this procedure.

What To Expect After Lip Augmentation Treatment

For The Injectable Method

Work: You may return to work immediately after your procedure although you may decide to wait a day or so for swelling to subside.

Swelling and Bruising: Soreness will eventually go away. Slight bruising is common.

Make-Up: You may apply make-up as soon as your lips feel better.

Recovery: Recovery time is 24 hours to three days.

Results: Final results can generally be seen after a day or so.

For The Implant Method

Work: Most patients return to work approximately two days after surgery is complete.

Swelling and Bruising: You may have some stiffness, burning, numbness and pain. This is normal. If discomfort persists, contact your surgeon immediately.

Make-Up: You may apply make-up as soon as your lips feel better.

Recovery: Rest easy following surgery. Raising your blood pressure can increase swelling and cause bleeding, so it is advised that patients avoid exercise for at least three weeks. If you feel warm, take your temperature. A high temperature could indicate and infection. Avoid chewing, pursing your lips or excessive mouth movements for the first week following placement of the implant.

Results: Each patient heals and scars differently. It is vital to keep in mind that the results of this procedure vary from patient to patient. However, most patients will enjoy their final result within six to twelve months.

If you are located in the St. Petersburg or Tampa, FL, areas, and are interested in plumper lips with lip augmentation, contact us today to schedule your consultation.