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Medical Spa (MedSpa) in Atlanta, GA

Dr. Brandon Mang and the dedicated staff at Mang Plastic Surgery are committed to providing patients with exceptional care and attention. Dr. Mang offers medical spa services from his state-of-the-art facility in Duluth to the residents of Atlanta, Georgia, and the neighboring communities.

What is a Medical Spa?

A medical spa is a spa-like treatment center where patients can receive minimally invasive rejuvenation treatments that can offer a drastic enhancement in the condition and appearance of your skin. We have a team of attentive and experienced aestheticians and skin care specialists that work closely with our board-certified medical director, Dr. Mang, to offer patients advanced MedSpa procedures that can help you look and feel your very best.

Who Can Enjoy the Benefits of MedSpa Treatments?

Medical spa treatments are extremely versatile and can offer solutions to a number of patients looking to correct a variety of aesthetic or genetic conditions. The procedures are non-surgical so just about all patients can enjoy them. There are options for men and women who have allergies, sensitive skin, acne, or scarring. The benefits of medical spa treatments include smoother, tighter skin, reduced appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, discolorations, sagging skin, sun damage, acne, and much, much more. Mang Plastic Surgery offers the following MedSpa services:

How Involved Are MedSpa Treatments?

The MedSpa procedures performed at Mang Plastic Surgery are minimally invasive, have a relatively short recovery time, and can often be performed without any general anesthesia. Most of our services will not take longer than two hours, and patients are usually free to resume their daily activities almost immediately. While medical spa procedures are typically not permanent, many patients enjoy their results for up to two years with some treatments. All of our MedSpa treatments are non-surgical and can safely be performed on most adults.

How Should I Prepare for Medical Spa Treatments?

MedSpa treatments are intended to be relaxing and offer the same rejuvenating feeling you would receive at a spa. However, they are medical treatments and you may need to take a few preparations to ensure best results. For example, avoiding direct sun exposure and harsh cleaners or chemicals before a treatment will be advised. Dr. Mang will also recommend you apply arnica to any treated areas both before and after the procedure to help alleviate any minor swelling or bruising.

What Can Be Expected From Medical Spa Treatments?

Work: MedSpa treatments are often known as “lunch-time treatments” due to their fast nature and patients’ ability to return to work as soon as the same day. Exercise and direct sun exposure should be avoided for at least 24 hours.

Swelling and Bruising: Depending on your treatment, your skin may feel tight or tender for a few days after the procedure. Topical arnica and OTC medications such as aspirin can help alleviate any swelling and bruising.

Results: The results of some procedures will be visible immediately, while others may take up to six months to fully reveal themselves. Naturally, the outcome will vary from patient to patient. To see the effects of medical spa treatments on real patients, view our before and after gallery.

Residents of the Atlanta area who wish to rejuvenate their appearance to look younger and more refreshed are invited to contact our office to schedule a medical spa consultation with one of our licensed skin technicians. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang is the medical director of Mang Plastic Surgery, located in Duluth, GA.