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Microblading in Atlanta, GA

Microblading in Atlanta, GA

Achieve a fuller, natural-looking eyebrow with microblading procedures at Mang Plastic Surgery. Residents of Atlanta, Alpharetta, and the neighboring communities can contact our office to schedule a consultation with our permanent makeup specialist.

What Is the Goal of Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that can help to fill in thin or light eyebrows. This treatment has been expanding in popularity as men and women everywhere desire the appearance of darker, thicker eyebrows. The procedure offers long-lasting results that appear natural and defined. It is also incredibly beneficial for patients who suffer from alopecia or have lost hair due to chemotherapy or severe burns.

Benefits of Microblading

The microblading procedure is well known for its ability to provide natural-looking results that blend in beautifully with the flow of the existing hair on the eyebrows. The procedure is very similar to permanent makeup application, but uses a different tool to deliver carefully sculpted lines of pigment underneath the skin. Many patients opt for this procedure because it mimics the flow of your natural hair follicles and looks almost indistinguishable when fully healed.

Who is a Good Candidate for Microblading?

If you have thin, “barely-there” eyebrows, a microblading technique may be ideal for you. Candidates should be healthy and understand the potential results of microblading. Patients who wish to eliminate the need to apply makeup daily can enjoy the benefits of a microblading procedure at Mang Plastic Surgery.

Preparing for Microblading

The very first step towards beautiful new brows is scheduling a cosmetic skin consultation with our specialist. They will be able to determine if you are eligible for a microblading procedure. You will be asked to disclose any medical history, recent cosmetic procedures, and medications you are taking. If necessary, the doctor will advise you on a list of necessary preparations to follow before coming in to your appointment.

What to Expect After Microblading

Immediately following the procedure, you will be able to return to your everyday activities. However, your brows will likely be red and swollen, so you may want to wait until that subsides to leave your home.

Any inflammation or tenderness will go down after a few hours, though your brows may still be sensitive for a few days.

The results will start to reveal themselves after any redness subsides and will continue to become more prominent over the next two weeks. Patients can return for touch-ups at least a year after their initial treatment.

Mang Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer microblading procedures to both men and women in the Atlanta area. Microblading can offer a convenient alternative to daily makeup application and is available as part of our line of MedSpa treatments. Contact our Duluth office to schedule an appointment with our licensed permanent makeup technician today!