Neck Lift in Atlanta, GA

Because the neck and throat area is so prone to skin damage and visible signs of aging, a neck lift can dramatically improve your appearance by tightening and toning the throat, neck, and chin. Mang Plastic Surgery, an advanced cosmetic facility led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon Mang, provides neck lift surgery and other treatments for residents of Duluth, Atlanta, Alpharetta, and nearby areas in Georgia. Contact our office today to set up an appointment.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift, known in medical terminology as a partial rhytidectomy, surgically tightens the muscles of the throat, neck, and chin, while eliminating fat along the jawline, removing jowls and a double chin, as well as the dreaded “turkey neck” bands of flaccid skin that often develop in the throat and neck.

Neck Lift in Atlanta, GA

Why Should I Consider A Neck Lift?

The neck lift is a safe and simple operation that is less invasive than a facelift but produces significant improvements in the facial appearance. In many adults, the neck, throat, and chin are the areas that most quickly display signs of aging. If you are beginning to develop jowls, a double chin, or are noticing thin, wrinkled bands of loose skin in the throat area causing the “turkey wattle” effect in the throat area, a neck lift can correct all of these issues. The result is a toned, defined jawline and throat, and a more sculpted and firm profile that revitalizes your entire face.

How Should I Prepare for a Neck Lift?

As with any surgical procedure requiring the use of anesthesia, you should plan ahead for your post-operative recovery and assign someone to drive you home after surgery and help with household chores for a few days so you can rest fully and recover optimally.

Does a Neck Lift Leave Visible Scars?

A neck lift is performed under general anesthesia using tiny hairline incisions that are strategically camouflaged within the natural folds and creases of the skin, usually behind the ears and/or below the chin. Over time, these scars will fade away and become virtually invisible within a few months.

What Can I Expect After Neck Lift Surgery?

Immediately after surgery, we will wrap your neck in compressive bandages that you must wear for several days to protect and strengthen delicate tissue, also reducing inflammation as well as any potential discomfort.

You may take medication to relieve any soreness and aching that you might experience during this time. You will have to keep your head elevated even while you sleep, and limit movement of your neck for a period of about two weeks.

After two to three weeks, you can begin to slowly resume gentle physical activity, but you will need about four weeks to experience the full results of your neck lift and return to more strenuous physical activities.

Are you unnerved by that “turkey neck” effect or the formation of jowls along your jawline? Fix those bothersome conditions with a neck lift performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon Mang, serving patients in Duluth, Atlanta, Alpharetta, and adjacent areas in Georgia. Contact Mang Plastic Surgery today to set up an appointment.