Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) in Atlanta, GA

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgeries in the world and is even safe enough to be performed on children. If you’re ready to surgically correct ears that are too large or stick out too far from the head, contact Mang Plastic Surgery in Duluth today. Led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon Mang, and serving residents of Atlanta, Alpharetta, and nearby vicinities in Georgia, Mang Plastic Surgery provides state-of-the-art plastic surgery and cosmetic medical care.

What Is The Goal of Otoplasty or Ear Surgery?

The goal of ear surgery, or otoplasty, is to correct irregularities in the ears, including structural problems such as ears that are too large or small in proportion to the facial features, ears that are not symmetrical in appearance, earlobes that are too long or short, or ears that stick out too far from the head and/or face forward.

Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) in Atlanta, GA

At What Age Should I Consider Ear Surgery for My Child?

Typically, the procedure may be safely performed on children between the ages of 4 and 14, but it is generally recommended to do it as early as possible. By age 4, the ears have usually developed fully. By correcting the ears in early childhood, the child may be spared years of bullying and teasing that may take a toll on his or her self-esteem.

Is It Safe To Perform Otoplasty on Adults?

Yes, ear surgery may be performed on individuals of any age, and the surgery may be performed just as safely and successfully on an older patient. The procedure may be performed using general anesthesia, particularly in young children. Adults and older teens may choose local anesthesia administered with a sedative.

Are There Any Complications Associated With Otoplasty?

Although there is always some risk associated with surgery and the use of anesthesia, with most cosmetic procedures complications are rare and usually not serious. Occasionally, a blood clot may develop on the ear after an otoplasty procedure, which may either dissolve naturally or it may be extracted using a needle. In rare cases, an infection may develop in the cartilage, but this may be treated with antibiotics. Overall, the procedure is safe and is performed on thousands of patients yearly around the world.

Recovery After Otoplasty

Plan ahead to make sure you or your child have enough time to fully recover after the procedure. Take the necessary steps to take time off from work or school as needed.

Immediately after the surgery, the head will be wrapped with specially padded bandages, which may be removed after a few days and replaced with a lighter bandage that can be removed after about a week. After this period, a soft headband is worn to cover and protect the ears, while also supporting them in their new position. Rigorous play and strenuous physical activity must be avoided and the head should be kept cool during the recovery period, which may last a few weeks. The head should be kept in an elevated position while sleeping, and supported by pillows. Swelling and discomfort may last for a few weeks but may be managed with medication and will gradually clear up on their own.

The results of your procedure will reveal themselves as the healing process progresses. Patients can enjoy the complete results between six months to a year.

If you or your child feels embarrassed because of ears that stick out too far or are too big, an otoplasty procedure can eliminate that condition. Contact Mang Plastic Surgery today to schedule an appointment with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon Mang at our Duluth office, serving residents of Atlanta, Alpharetta, and neighboring vicinities in Georgia.