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Permanent Makeup in Atlanta, GA

Permanent Makeup in Atlanta, GAGetting up to do makeup every day can be exhausting! Permanent makeup by a licensed aesthetician at Mang Plastic Surgery can help you wake up looking prepped and put together every day! If you reside near the Atlanta or Alpharetta areas in Georgia, contact our office to schedule a consultation today!

Why Consider Permanent Makeup?

There are plenty of reasons why both women and men consider permanent makeup procedures. The most common reason is for convenience, but it can also be useful in filling out areas such as the eyebrows to enhance your overall appearance. There are a variety of pigments available, which are all allergy tested and FDA approved. When performed at a state-of-the-art facility such as one of our offices, permanent makeup can be a safe and aesthetically beneficial procedure that can save you time and money down the line.

Who Can Receive Permanent Makeup?

All of our pigments are allergy tested and FDA approved, meaning almost anyone who can undergo a minimally invasive procedure can enjoy the effects of permanent makeup. During your initial consultation with our medical aesthetician, a skin assessment will be done to determine if you are an eligible candidate.

What Types of Permanent Makeup Are Available?

At Mang Plastic Surgery, we offer a number of permanent makeup solutions, all administered by our licensed aesthetician that specializes in the procedure. We offer the following permanent applications:

  • Lip makeup
  • Eyeliner and eye makeup
  • Eyebrow makeup and microblading

Does Permanent Makeup Application Hurt?

Prior to your procedure, a local desensitizing gel or cream will be applied to ensure no pain or discomfort is felt during the procedure. Most patients compare the sensation to a minor prickling feeling.

How Long Does Will Permanent Makeup Last?

Despite being called permanent makeup, gradual fading can be expected. Our bodies are constantly shedding old layers of skin and the pigmentation will lighten over time. How quickly the color fades will vary on your skin definition and the color of your makeup. Most colors last around three to five years.

What is the Cost of Permanent Make-Up?

  • Eyebrows $200
  • Eyeliner $150 each
  • Lip-liner $200
  • Full lip color and liner $450
  • Corrective procedures $150/ hour

What to Expect After a Permanent Makeup Application

You may experience slight swelling or redness around the treated area, but it will subside. You should avoid touching the area excessively as it may still be tender for a few days. The color will truly start to show within the first six to 10 days. Touch-ups can be performed, as needed at least four weeks after your initial procedure.

Residents of Atlanta, Alpharetta, and the neighboring cities in Georgia can enjoy permanent makeup for years to come! Contact Mang Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with our licensed aesthetician specializing in permanent makeup for adults.