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Permanent Makeup in Tampa, FL

Permanent Makeup in Tampa, FLSpending time on getting ready in the morning and reapplying makeup throughout the day is now a thing of the past. Women who worry about eyeliner running and reapplying lipstick, can now feel the freedom of permanent makeup. Dr. Brandon Mang and his top aestheticians can help women in Tampa and St. Petersburg get their mornings back!

Permanent makeup will help women look beautiful all day and all night. Patients no longer have to wake up early, reapply throughout the day, or fear their makeup will run. Permanent makeup is a time saver and confidence booster.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a wonderful, time-saving treatment that allows patients to look their best with minimal effort. Permanent makeup is similar to a tattoo, as it permanently applies the makeup to a variety of areas on the face. A patient decides their favorite look and color and our experienced aesthetician applies the makeup to the face so that no woman ever has to struggle with eyeliner, lip liner or an eyebrow pencil again.

  • Full lip color: Immediately after color implantation, lips are full of color
  • Permanent eye liner: full eyeliner will enhance your eyes
  • Permanent lip liner: helps lips appear more defined, restores color to lips that are pale, eliminates the daily use of pencils to outline, fill-in, or reshape lip borders
  • Permanent eye brows: help eye brows to appear full

Microblading is an option for patients who desire permanent makeup. Microblading is semi-permentent makeup through which tiny needles inserts pigment deep into the skin.

What is the Cost of Permanent Makeup?

  • Eyebrows $200
  • Eyeliner $150 each
  • Lip liner $200
  • Full lip color and liner $450
  • Corrective procedures $150/hour

Who Should Get Permanent Makeup

Women who are tired of constantly re-applying makeup or spending mornings “putting on their face” make great candidates for permanent makeup. This solution will give women back that lost time spent in the mirror. Women can now get up and go without being concerned about how they look. Any women could be a candidate for this because the uses and benefits are many. Women who cannot wear traditional cosmetics because of skin allergies as well as women who are active (and often sweating) find permanent makeup the ideal solution for looking great morning and night.

How To Prepare For Permanent Makeup

Avoid intense exercise, excessive sweating or hot yoga immediately before the procedure and for a few days after. Sweating heavily will wet the scab and and can cause the scab to come off. It can also “sweat” the color out of the skin and dilute it. This may diminish the color result. After the permanent makeup procedure most people have tenderness for approximately 45 minutes. Keeping the tattooed area clean is important. Splash the area with cool water or use clean hands to apply a mild cleanser and splash clean. Do not use washcloths or abrasive scrubs.

Be ready in minutes with our permenant makeup solution. We offer a varietiy of permanent makeup options for women on the go. Performed at Mang Plastic Surgery and overseen by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon Mang, his highly trained aesthetician helps women look their best. Dr. Mang serves patients in Tampa and St. Petersburg. Contact us  to schedule a consultation today.