Radiesse® in Atlanta, GA

Radiesse® in Atlanta, GAReduce the appearance of moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles in the skin with the innovative dermal filler treatment, Radiesse®. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon Mang and his team of highly qualified skin technicians offer MedSpa procedures to the residents of Atlanta, Alpharetta, and the nearby areas. Contact Mang Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation today.

What is Radiesse®?

Radiesse® is a non-surgical procedure approved for the treatment of deep facial creases and wrinkles that have developed due to age, sun damage, and loss of collagen in the skin. The product is specially formulated to improve the skin’s overall structure by naturally promoting the production of collagen. Radiesse® is unique to many dermal fillers because it creates a structure of calcium spheres which the body can use as a framework to build collagen on.

What are the Advantages of Radiesse®?

Patients who cannot enjoy the effects of other fillers may benefit from Radiesse®, as its main ingredient is calcium hydroxylapatite, which is naturally occurring in the body and has a very low risk of allergic reaction. Additionally, this procedure offers a number of advantages, including no recovery period and results that begin to show immediately following treatment. Radiesse® can enhance your overall appearance in as little as 30 minutes.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Radiesse®?

Radiesse® has been FDA approved for the treatment of deep lines and wrinkles in individuals over 21 years of age. Primary candidates are between 35 and 60 and are in good general health with realistic beauty expectations. Patients who suffer from facial lipoatrophy can also benefit from Radiesse® injections, as it can assist in replenishing lost subcutaneous fat in the face. If you have allergies to other dermal fillers, Radiesse® may work for you! Schedule a consultation with our facility to determine if you are an ideal candidate.

How is Radiesse® Administered?

Mang Plastic Surgery offers patients a comfortable MedSpa treatment center in-house at our Atlanta area office. Prior to administering the formula, a topical anesthetic may be applied to help prevent any discomfort. Radiesse® is injected directly into the affected areas using an ultra-thin needle and can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the extent of treatment needed. Patients are free to return to their day-to-day activities immediately after leaving our office.

Preparing for Radiesse®

Radiesse® has a very low risk for adverse effects, so little preparation is required to get ready for your appointment. During your initial consultation, you may be asked to disclose any medications you are taking, so Dr. Mang can advise when you should stop taking them before your appointment. If you are experiencing any infection, rash, skin irritation, or inflammation at the time of your appointment, you may need wait before receiving Radiesse® injections.

What Can Be Expected from Radiesse® Dermal Fillers?

Absolutely no recovery time is required following dermal fillers, so patients can return to their daily commitments right away.

Visible results can be seen almost immediately following Radiesse® treatments, though some swelling and redness may be visible at the injection sites. Dr. Mang recommends patients use topical arnica to help minimize swelling before and after receiving injections.

Over the course of several weeks, you will see improvements in the quality of your skin and the volume of your face. Results will vary, but patients can expect to enjoy them for up to two years.

Men and women residing in Atlanta or Alpharetta that are looking for an effective way to reverse signs of aging without surgery may benefit from Radiesse® injections at Mang Plastic Surgery. Contact our office to schedule your complimentary consultation.